Our services

The sourcing

Initially, our team of sourcing research, locates and qualifies the suppliers according to their experiment, reputation on the market, and controls it of their process of manufacture in your sphere of activity. Then, our specialists purchases carry out a detailed invitation to tender and determine the best quality-price ratio.

Audit of the manufacturers

Our technical department carries out on the ground one audit of the selected suppliers. We control their manufacturing process, their management style of quality, as well as the absolute respect of the rights of the workers on the spot. you submit a total return on all the strategic points (financial health, process, quality, ...).


Before buying you want to check the quality of the product, we forward to you as soon as possible a part carried out with the tools of series.

The quality control

Our team of quality control examines the goods of the first day of manufacture to the closing of the container. We check all the products, not only samples. We can thus constantly guarantee an irreproachable quality to you.

The logistics and the management of your orders

For each one of your operations, our team will follow the course of operation to your warehouse. The team assists you in the phases of validation of the order, of follow-up of the production, validation of the production, storage of the products, the booking of the boat, until transport in your warehouse. The whole of the operations will be available and presented in a simplified way because it is true that the world of transport is not always very simple to understand !

The respect of the deadlines is essential to the success of the business, this is why we selected the most reliable transport companies of the Chinese market.
We manage for you all the administrative part with the Chinese suppliers, which is never simple when one is not on the spot. Business trip

You want to go has the Fair of Canton, with the Universal exhibition of Shangai, You want to visit your future suppliers, we can place at your disposal a perfectly bilingual assistant who will have also the responsibility of organize the totality of your stay in China.

Chinese/French translation

You wish to translate a contract or any other document, our translators are also at your disposal for this kind of service.

Design and relooking

Our team of designers, computer graphics experts proposes to you a help for your logo, slogan, web site, which will make it possible to refresh the image of your company and booster rocket your sales turnover.
The idea being once more to use the knowledge to make brilliances and talented designers coldly left the Chinese universities, while being able to be given competitive ultra tariffs compared to those practiced in Europe.

To sell your products in China

Kerofactory can help you has to establish you in China.
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